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Manage budget and financial state with Abassis Finance Manager
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Abassis Finance Manager is a powerful program to have a clear view of what your personal financial movements are each month or through a year if you wish. Once you start the program, the wizard will guide you thoroughly to complete all the information about your budget and your finances. On the Accounts menu, you can introduce your bank account, credit card account, pocket and savings accounts; then you head on to the Incomes, where you will fill in all the incomes you have. You can also edit your expenses on the Expenses menu, entering, for example, what you spend on electricity, pets, education and much more. Once you finish the wizard, all the entered data will be displayed and you will have a clear view of your financial state, and if the result is negative, you can manage on what things you should not spend to save money and reach the end of the month being able to pay all your bills. Plus, you can edit the month transactions without using the wizard, by adding or eliminating some items. You can also add new accounts, categories and finally be able to see the expenses distribution or the analysis of the last six months transaction fluctuation in the form of a graphic. Abassis Finance Manager is a very-easy- to-use and free software, which you will find very useful when it comes to solve spending problems.

Juan Morán
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  • Clear command
  • Free to download
  • Easy to use
  • Unlimited options for expenses entries


  • Not many languages available
  • No strict control of checking accounts
  • Help menu is limited
  • The functions are better learned by usage
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